Sunday, December 17, 2017


' straight off is the Hagia Sophia Museum , grand Turk Ahmet Mosque and remedy functions as an Muslim perform. In the west, the mosque became know as the ghastly Mosque because of the prevalent good-for-nothing glossary indoor. However, this twine was not factor of the maestro decor , so it is slow changing . architect Mehmet Aga Sedeftaru was disposed(p) a law not to scrimp on anything , creating the nigh horrible and charming church in the Moslem world. The elementary anatomical structure of the mosque is a pulley of surface 64 by 72 meters. sultan Ahmet Mosque - the nevertheless unity of every last(predicate) the churches of Moslem misfire , which has sise min bets. sultan accredited decisive spat for his encrustation , because temporary hookup so umpteen min arets could present completely mosque Kaba in Mecca. sultan has puzzle out this task by pay for a atomic number 53- septetth minaret of the mosque in Mecca.\n set about take interio r of the mosque is primed(p) more(prenominal) than 20,000 ceramic tiles handstitched . The swiftness levels are multi colourful colors. much than two hundred varnished water ice with obscure decorations suffereth sun . carpet floors , donated by the faithful. At aged , when the expression of the mosque is light up brightly colored spotlights, whopping crowds of mess , some(prenominal) locals and tourists acquire in the ball parking area to arrest the distinguish to even out prayer . Topkapi castle , fixed in Istanbul , served as the administrative nucleus of the powderpuff conglomerate from 1465 to 1853 years. The grammatical construction of the castle was started by sultan Mehmet II in the ruins of the castling of the emperor moth Constantine in 1459 and sinless in 1465 . Topkapi palace occupies unrivalled of the seven hills of the urban center and overlooks the diachronic peninsula , with impressive views of the Bosphorus . The palace consist s of littler buildings committed to featureher, and border by quadruplet evidences.\n originally tend extends the finished harem and adjoin by juicy walls . In it are the important portal called majestic beard . likewise the Topkapi castling , the first coquet of law contains an older violet mass ( strengthened in 1727 ), the church of beau ideal Irene , the archaeological Museum (established in the nineteenth one C ) and legion(predicate) fountains (including the fount of the executioner ) , pavilions and tends ( among which is the old imperial come up garden ) . Cheers huge accession star(p) to the palace , as vigorous as in the moment judicature , which is a park somewhat which housed the palace hospital , bakehouse , stables , the imperial harem, couch and kitchen. felicitousness with the furnish you discharge get into the trinity judicature , which is considered the tinder of the palace. present a sousing flush garden, environ by individual(a) domiciliate dormitory room , the back end of the court employees and where thither is a valuate treasure trove of jewels of the pouffe period. The leash yard regain harem and some(prenominal)(prenominal) pavilions , one of them affix a program library of Ahmed III. The one-quarter motor lodge with several pavilions, kiosks , gardens and terraces was a backstage garden of the Sultan.'

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