Saturday, August 17, 2019

Example of Leadership Essay

From the Forbes’ article â€Å"Leadership Lessons from Admiral Michelle Howard, The Highest Ranking Woman in Naval History†, written by Kathryn Dill, tells the history of the four-star admiral and Vice Chief of Naval Operations, the second highest position in the Navy, Michelle Howard and how she became the first American woman to get this position. It is all about her leadership. The first aspect that she points out is about innovation. She takes the example of outside companies and does not have fear to make changes. She says: â€Å"There’s great ideas out there–it’s having the courage to go ask people about what they’re doing that’s different, and saying, ‘I wonder how I could apply that to my organization.’† It is important to all organizations keep changing. She has an envision of the future and because of her way to manage her team, it will be always better, by experimenting and learning from those changes. Moreover, she encourages creativity and â€Å"creates an environment where employees can meet personal goals and they’ll strive that much harder for the professional ones.† It is clear that she wants everyone to share the same vision and seek their goals, even the professional or the personal ones. Doing this, she encourages their hearts joining their lives’ purposes. At last, she is a great example for her co-workers. She is a great leader who behaves and work in a consistent way. Furthermore, she is strong and brave. Someone who people could trust. Work Cited Dill, Kathryn. â€Å"Leadership Lessons From Admiral Michelle Howard, The Highest RankingWoman In Naval History.† Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 1 July 2014. Web. 23July 2014. <

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