Friday, October 18, 2019

The Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico Research Paper

The Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico - Research Paper Example This phenomenal and epic oil spill tragedy has remained so potentially capable of every single soul around the globe that no one is oblivious to the negative consequences it produced. This paper presents a thorough discussion particularly related to the infamous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that affected many and is still continually affecting the Gulf despite many human efforts made at a global level. Both short and long-term effects of this astoundingly horrific man-made disaster are scrutinized and results are presented in this paper backed up with recent research reports regarding the disaster. Myriad efforts made to control the mass destruction caused by the oil spill are also highlighted and discussed in the paper in special relation to the differences made by those efforts, and their contribution to the restriction of the devastation. The worst ever disaster that could be imagined by anyone turned into a reality-based incident when a semisubmersible offshore drilling rig ca lled Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf of Mexico and got engulfed in indescribably horrendous flames before sinking in the deep waters in 2010. Immediate casualties reported following the incident did not appear to be do large as to wreak disastrous havoc in the surroundings and the rest of the world. About 17 turned out to be injured out of 126 people who were on board and 11 are still reported to be missing who are presumed to be dead now. (Raines). This presumption is based on the viewpoint that those missing ill-fated workers must be within immediate vicinity of the unpredictable explosion, as a result of which they remained incapable of finding an escape. The Deepwater Horizon did not immediately sink in the Gulf after the dreadful explosion, rather it remained afloat for almost two days engulfed by fiery flames and leaving behind plumes of thick black smoke that were phenomenal enough to be seen from space as well as the smoke plumes were reported to be more than many mil es long. The real disastrous reality was discovered some two days after the Deepwater Horizon had sunk in the Gulf. No person could imagine that the explosion of the oil drilling rig would lead to worst imaginable consequences concerning the casualties reported initially. It was only after the discovery was made regarding thousands of barrels of oil being dumped surreptitiously on daily basis into the ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico that the real devastating consequences of the oil drilling rig explosion came to limelight. The story would definitely have ended with the sinking of Deepwater Horizon had it not been for the technical defect in the riser structure of the oil drilling rig that is meant for connecting the rig with the well. After the discovery was made about the daily loss of thousands of oil barrels in the water, immediate concerns regarding the Gulf’s ecosystems created a wave of pandemonium around the globe and a seemingly ended story turned into a vibrant live ly disaster in full swing. The oil leakage presented a major problematic and intricate issue because researchers reported that even with the use of the best and latest scientific technology like using sophisticated robots for detecting the bedrock of the problem, the oil leak effect could take months to be suppressed and finished forever. The catch-22 faced by the US Coast Guard

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