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Teaching Of A Differentiated Classroom Essay - 977 Words

Classrooms today are diverse, have issues that were not previously present, and more is demanded of teachers than ever before. The readings in chapter six of Differentiated Instructional Management (Chapman and King, 2008), stuck me that many of the presented plans are intertwined with each other. I will explain three areas of planning in a differentiated classroom. I will not only discuss the areas of planning, but also speak about how I will incorporate and use the information in my teaching. Over many years, the world has become more diverse with people moving everywhere. This diversity is also reflected in our classrooms. Due to our local economy, people are moving from other countries and continents to our community, and we are fortunate to have students from Mexico, China, and India. In today s classroom, this opportunity to learn about other places also presents obstacles such as language barriers, and cultural misunderstandings. It is important for teachers to have a better u nderstanding of their students. Some ways to circumvent the ignoring or glossing over of language and culture is to regularly incorporate language development activities that further oral, written, and listening skills in both new and current languages. Teachers must be sensitive to how children learn a second language and that confusion and a mixing of new and old language is a common phase. There are ways to negotiate successfully not only for foreign students, but also for all students.Show MoreRelatedIep Reflection Paper1092 Words   |  5 PagesChange Leadership for Differentiated Education Environment April 8, 2012 Critical Thinking Questions The six-column framework for differentiated instruction proposes that if we are trying to comprehend and construct classrooms in which differentiated instruction can grow, there are several components that we need to search and be mindful of in our preparation and teaching. Educators must explore the framework and recognize what they are already utilizing in the classroom and why these componentsRead MoreDifferentiated Instruction On Implementing Practices And Teaching Strategies Essay1430 Words   |  6 PagesArgumentative Essay of Differentiated Instruction about Implementing Practices and Teaching Strategies. There are red people, blue people, green people, yellow people, big people, short people, and round people. No two people are alike so why do we teach every student the same way? Differentiated learnings allow each student to the best way that works for them as oppose to a one size fits all learning style. Differentiated Instruction is where classroom teachers make multiple attempts to meet theRead MoreDifferentiated Learning Research Paper. John R. Hamilton.1225 Words   |  5 Pages Differentiated Learning Research Paper John R. Hamilton Providence College Differentiated Learning Research Paper Throughout this paper, four articles about differentiated instruction will be analyzed, and the information in those articles will be broken down and synthesized to further exemplify how important it is that schools across the world use this system of instruction and learning. My definition of differentiated instruction from what I have learned, isRead MoreThe Curriculum : Differentiated Curriculum Essay1554 Words   |  7 PagesDifferentiated Curriculum Classrooms today look very different than they did twenty years ago. Gone are the days of students sitting at their desks, copying notes as the teacher writes on the chalkboard. Children are entering kindergarten at varying levels of abilities and the gap between student aptitudes grows as children get older. Students with learning disabilities are mainstreamed into classrooms and, with the growing number of immigrant families, teachers are faced with students who doRead MoreEssay on Differentiated Instruction: Optimizing Student Success 1257 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Differentiated Instruction is a succeeding teaching style; teachers instruct according to a system that a student will get the best results. Neurologically everyone learns in a different way. A teacher’s objective is to guarantee that maximum potential from every pupil is reached. Teaching adolescent students is a vital time period to assure that they reach understandings and discover the way that they learn best, because this is ordinarily the peak of their neurological developmentRead MoreEffective Implementation of Differentiated Instruction926 Words   |  4 PagesEffectively Implement Differentiated Instruction in the Standards-Based Classroom Xavier Anderson EDUC 8011 Fall 2011 Walden University Introduction Most modern day classrooms are structured to operate under the premises that students must demonstrate mastery of specific state mandated standards in order to show academic growth. The purpose of this paper is to explore some effective methods to effectively implement differentiated instruction in the standards based classroom. As a result ofRead MoreMy Ambition Of Wanting To Become A Teacher Originates From1682 Words   |  7 Pagesin their classroom, they were supporting and encouraging of my efforts to learn a new language and culture, and they accepted me as who I was. As I started to ponder my own future career, I thought to myself that this is something I want to be for someone else that needs it; be the consistent figure of comfort and kindness that a one can count on and learn from. I had my first practicum experience in May 2016, at St. Thomas Mores Catholic School in Kingston. I was in a grade 1 classroom for 3 weeksRead MoreTeaching Students With A Wide Array Of Abilities1718 Words   |  7 PagesNowadays, more than ever, teachers are faced with the challenge of teaching students with a wide array of abilities. As VanSciver (2005) has voiced, Teachers are now dealing with a level of academic diversity in their classrooms unheard of just a decade ago (p. 534). In a single classroom, students learning abilities can greatly differ from students practicing in below grade level work to above grade level work. For instance, in a third grade class made of 26 children, you will find that theirRead MoreDifferentiated Instruction Paper1664 Words   |  7 PagesDifferentiated Instruction Differentiated instruction is a process to approach teaching and learning for students with differing abilities in the same class. The intent of differentiating instruction is to maximize each student’s growth and individual success by meeting each student where he or she is assisting in the learning process (Polloway, Patton, and Serna, 2005). It’s an individualized instructional method. It is used to help students with diverse needs learn using a general curriculumRead MoreEssay on Universal Design for Learning 1109 Words   |  5 PagesClassrooms of today are full of students with varying learning abilities and styles, therefore teachers are put in a position to involve each of their students equally so that everyone has the greatest chance of success in their learning. There are many different ways teachers are able to set up the learning environment in order to maximise teaching and learning and cater for the diverse needs of their students. I will attempt to disc uss in detail some of these strategies and unpack the potential

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