Sunday, June 23, 2019

Essay Assignment 2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Essay 2 - Assignment ExampleWhen p atomic number 18nts decide to have a child through surrogacy, they are the ones who benefit since they feel that they are satisfied with the decision they make. If the decision is because of a genetic defect in the parents, then she argues that surrogacy is not a solution because the child would still develop the tortuosity since it is in the genes of the parents. It is also difficult to totally decide the kind of child to bear hence we should learn to incorporate all kinds of children and help them accept their situations.The hostel at large should also discourage commercial surrogacy for reasons posed by parents that there is improper allocation of jobs for disabled. Since some parents consider surrogacy for fear of delivering disabled children, the governments should urinate slots for employment of such people in the society. This can help such mothers to know that any child borne has a role to play despite his or physical appearance (Anderson , 1997).In his article, Buchanan argues that most human body alterations through biotechnological means have negative effects on the clients that try them. He says that these alterations may either terminate the human nature or make it almost difficult to differentiate between a good and a bad looking for person since such judgements are normally done according to natural appearance. These conclusions are just interrelated in a way with the second documentation the first one which is against human enhancements. Although most biotechnological enhancements techniques have been made available, there is still no clarity as to whether these techniques are best solutions for the public. These scientists only babble about how the procedures are possible, they evade to give further advice n such procedures, maybe for commercial purposes. Therefore the public should take it an obligatory role to numerate the shortcomings by considering whether they will still be attractive in their enha nced looks in the future. It might even be true that

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