Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Human Resources Framework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Human Resources Framework - Essay ExampleThis paper seeks to analyze the implications of the Millennial generation on the work place by discussing five key issues that make up the M-Factors. These issues include meaning, great expectations, the need for speed, social networking and collaboration.One of the major trends of M-Factor that is greatly wanted by Generation Y is meaning. According to this generation, a job should be both well paying and meaningful. In this regard, Millennials seeks to have security and challenges in their work. Challenges entail the opportunity to develop financially as well as professionally. Similarly, Generation Y expects the employers to provide them with security that encompasses providing them with the strategic direction of the organization (David and Lynne, 2010). To ensure that its offspring employees are motivated and their work has a meaning, Coca-Cola Company established The Coca-Cola University (CCU) that is focused at providing skills on pe ople leadership, consumer marketing and employees development. In this way, its emerging workforce has remained fruitful and competitive thus reducing the labour turnover.One of the key aspects that differentiate Millennials from the traditionalists, baby boomers and Generation Xers is their great expectations and strong quest for success in their work. In this regard, they expect instant feedback from their managers to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Due to the great expectations that Millennials possess, they change jobs frequently (Ron, 2008). This implies that managers are under obligation to motivate the young employees by providing them with opportunities to strike their expectations. To ensure that the expectations of its young employees are attained, Coca-Cola Company under the leadership of Muhtar Kent has embarked on developing programs that promotes well-being of the employees as well as improving the quality of their life. dissimilar

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