Thursday, November 14, 2019

Oliver Twist, Hamlet, and Autism :: essays research papers

There are things in life which have an impact on us, an event, a place, movie, a person and many other experiences influence our thoughts and emotions. People also feel touched by things they read. There are books which make you cry or keep you in tension all these things are considered memorable. I have been affected by innumerable books and articles of which I am going to discuss the three most memorable pieces of literature I have read. Which are: Hamlet, Oliver Twist and an article on Autism. I chose to write about these pieces of literature because apart from having impacted me they have a similar topic which makes the term paper more appealing. Hamlet is one of my favorite plays written by William Shakespeare. Just by being written by my favorite author, Shakespeare, makes it memorable, but apart from that the play has a well structured plot and vivid characters. The play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, was first performed around 1600. Since then, it has proven to be one of the English language's most enduring stories, and there has never been a decade that hasn't seen dozens of new productions. Hamlet has come to the screen numerous times, in incarnations varying from early, silent versions to grand, colour epics.1 The story centres on Hamlet, a thirty-year old Prince of Denmark during the twelfth century, who is mourning the death of his beloved father and the untimely wedding of his mother, Gertrude, to his uncle Claudius.2 Hamlet sees his mother's sudden re-marriage as a betrayal of her union with his father, but worse news is yet to come. An apparition, appearing in the shape of Hamlet's father, haunts Elsinore Castle, and when Hamlet confronts the ghost, it claims to be the true spirit of the late king, doomed to walk the Earth for a set time. It also states that, by using a fast-acting, deadly poison, Claudius committed murder to claim both queen and crown for himself. Hamlet vows revenge, and thus begins either his slow spiral into madness or his carefully orchestrated act to appear insane.3 The mixture of fantasy and reality if one of the things I like about Hamlet. The appearance of the â€Å"ghost† at the beginning of the play makes the plot exiting and grabs people attention immediately.

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