Sunday, November 3, 2019

Use and analyse the use of a range of Lean tools ( Engineering Essay

Use and analyse the use of a range of Lean tools ( Engineering Business ) - Essay Example Bicheno & Holweg (2008) distinguished between four types of flexibility, namely process flexibility, product flexibility, volume flexibility and labour flexibility. These are detailed in the table below. The organisation can then devise its strategy according to the type of flexibility desired. Some other tools are histograms, Pareto charts, cause and effect diagrams, flow charts and control charts. It is pertinent to point out that strictly; lean is not merely a set of tools. Individual tools are useful for specific purposes, but they are designed to be used together in such a way that increases overall efficiency. The combination and synchronisation of tools allows for a wide range of strategic options. The improvement in competitiveness is made possible by â€Å"an end-to-end value stream† (Bicheno & Holweg, 2008). It is therefore a complete system, which involves processing for enhancing value by reducing waste. Lean tools serve to be applied such that they improve specific and overall efficiency. Mistakes could be made at any time during ordering, but most of these tend to be the result of human errors. It is important to prevent mistakes, for example because it could lead to producing defective parts, giving the wrong service, and ultimately to customer dissatisfaction. Moreover, â€Å"mistakes in one area have consequences in all others† (Nicholas & Steyn, 2008: 485). The alternative could be to make inspections but this itself is not mistake proof, and it is also an inefficient method. Preventing mistakes could eliminate the possibility of failures, and thus producing wastes. This could in turn avoid time wasting and prevent unnecessary costs. Mistakes with an order can be prevented by implementing a safety mechanism at any stage of the ordering process where mistakes would be likely to occur. The Japanese term for making processes protected from mistakes is ‘poka yoke’ (ãÆ' Ã£â€š «Ã£Æ' ¨Ã£â€š ±), which

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