Friday, July 26, 2019

Coca Cola Code of Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Coca Cola Code of Business Ethics - Essay Example This also reveals that the ethical system used by the company is based on duty, where all the stakeholders held by the code of ethics are expected to follow a specific duty. The company is guided by the Coca Cola code of business conduct, which is a set of, laid down rules for the administration of ethical and compliance matters (Coca Cola, 2011). An analysis of the Coca Cola COBC (the code) will reveal that it is applied in all levels of the company’s operations, and there is a framework for its administration. This analysis will focus on the administration of the code both within and outside the company by the employees, managers, and all other stakeholders covered by the code. This covers three main areas, integrity in operations around the world, integrity of service within the company, and integrity of service to other people (Coca Cola, 2011). The internal mechanisms for the code revolve around the expectations from the employees and managers, while the second section re volves around actions around the company. This includes actions that deal with financial matters information within the company, and the utilization of company assets. ... Coca Cola states that all employees in the company must always act with integrity, since it is one of the cornerstones of the companies operations (Coca Cola, 2011). The ethical standards set by Coca Cola indicates that all employees must act in accordance with the law and the code, and in case of any actions, the employees must always ask themselves if the action will break these two tenets. The employees are also advised to ask for guidance in case they doubt the ramifications of any of their actions. The managers of the company are also guided by the code, where the main factor is that they should promote a culture of ethics and compliance (Coca Cola, 2011). This means that the managers should always display appropriate conduct, and help their subordinates as much as they possibly can. The managers should ensure that the code is followed by all employees, which includes giving their help when needed. This is in addition to creating a conducive working environment for their employe es, and always preventing the violation of the code by any employees. The code also dictates that any actions that deem the provision of written approval should be handled by the local ethical officers present in all workplaces. The ethical conduct code promoted by the company is also focused on creating an ethical framework within the company itself, and from an analysis of the code, it is evident that this is settled. The COBC focuses on three parts in their code, dealing with company records, dealing with assets, and the use of available information (Coca Cola, 2011). The ethical code utilized by Coca Cola indicates that all stakeholders should always ensure that company records are accurate, which includes all financial information, quality reports, and all other records used by the

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