Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Disney Aladdin is Truly American

Disney’s Aladdin, despite its Arabian setting, is very American. The central theme of the story revolves around a poor young Arabian boy, Aladdin, who fell in love with the princess, Jasmine, and wished to marry her despite their difference in social class even if it meant doing so dishonestly at first. If one were to use Robin Williams Junior’s key values of U. S. culture, it would be obvious that Americans made the film. Americans consider material comfort as a prize for success. In the movie, Aladdin became a prince after proving himself worthy to marry Jasmine.Americans also believe that dreams come true when you do something about it. In the movie, Aladdin was a worker or doer. He would rather fight for the good of everyone than simply leave everything to fate. He also reflected on his values regarding honesty before finally doing what was right. Aladdin did what he could to be a person worthy of Jasmine despite the problem of status. He was not content to dreaming . He committed himself to doing what he could to be with the princess. American culture is also very scientific and democratic even in fantasy movies like Aladdin.It was Aladdin’s cunning practicality and logic that made him win over the evil Jafar’s magic. In the end, it was the freedom of choice that allowed Jasmine to marry Aladdin despite his social status. Although Americans love democracy, being prejudiced is still evident in the film. Its opening song’s lyrics were changed after its first public showing because advocacy groups felt offended by the way the words described the Arab people as barbaric. Aladdin was depicted as a bit fair-skinned compared to his opponent. One can definitely say that even if Aladdin was originally Arabic, Disney made him American.

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