Saturday, July 20, 2019

Essay --

1. Why is it important to be able to test theories according to Popper (Falsification thesis)? Please explain your answers. According to Popper, it is important because every real test of a theory should be an attempt to falsify it, or prove it to be incorrect, because if it is not proven wrong, it becomes not scientific. A good theory is one that can indeed be disproven, or â€Å"testability is falsifiability.† 2. What is positivism and why is it important in advancing knowledge according to Comte? Positivism is the studying and recording of social life based on observations. Positivism is important in advancing knowledge due to the idea that this newly observed and obtained information can be used to reform society. 3. According to Comte what is the difference between social statistics and social dynamics? According to Comte, ‘social statistics’ focus on how order is maintained within a society, while ‘social dynamics’ focus on how a society changes over time. 4. What are the laws of three stages and how does he explain civilizational development? First Stage: ‘Theological’ or ‘fictitious’ stage. Second Stage: ‘Metaphysical’ stage. Third Stage: ‘Scientific’ or ‘positive’ stage. Comte explains that these stages evolve and develop from one another beginning from the belief from gods, to many gods and priests, then to the rejection of deities in favor of scientific thinking and rationality. These stages are needed for humanity to properly evolve. 5. In the documentary on Voodoo in Benin, what civilizational stage would August Comte define the society of Benin; in its citizen’s approach and understanding of the impact of Voodoo on everyday life? Why? In the documentary, the society of Benin would fall into the ‘theological’ stage. ... ...ion to quality of life in the modern world? Please explain. People can forget their personal lives and solely exist to work and make money rather than enjoying a life beyond that of the bureaucracy. A bureaucracy will focus only on a set of goals that must be met in order to maintain a value driven society. This rationalization can create an almost robotic-like society that truly forgets about the simple pleasures in life, which are also important in maintaining a cohesive and happy community. 20. What was the main argument in Weber's Protestant Ethic? The main argument is that the foundation of capitalism came about from the principles of Calvinism. The Calvinists believed in predetermination and that God would provide substantial money if you were deemed to have it in this life. They also were hard working, saved their money, and even reinvested their capital.

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